Gray board paper Cutting Machine

Fully automatic Oilpaper Cutting Machine is used to cut the printing paper of various kinds, paper products, etc.



paper Cutting Machine

Fully automatic Oilpaper Cutting Machine is used to cut the printing paper of various kinds, paper products, etc.
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Printing Shops
Factory: Made in China
Wondly Machinery  is the China professional manufacturer of paper cutting machine
Our company the country passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality control system authentication in 2004, in 2007 through the CE authentication.

Fully automatic Oilpaper Paper Cutting Machine model QZYK920DN

Cutting assembly composes a cutting bed, a tie rod, driving parts and a main motor. When pressing the start button of the motor, the motor drives a belt pulley to run idly but a driving wheel is at the brake position still. A vane pump of a hydraulic system starts running at the same time but a hydraulic cylinder does not work now.

Paper Cutting Machine Product Description

Professional paper cutting machine manufacturer

Our Product
Paper counting machine , paper Sheets counter ,Label counter, Ticket counting machine, paper cutting machine  etc.

Product Application
Printing factory, packing factory, paper product factory, newspaper industry, stamp industry, examination paper, plastics industry, stationery, etc.

Production Equipment
Baoji Lathe 5, Hangzhou Drilling 3, Hangzhou Grinder 2, High-precision CNC Gantry Machining Center 2 sets, various types of small bench drills

Production Market

There are more than 50 agents in the country, and there are corresponding agents in Southeast Asian countries, and they establish cooperative relations with most domestic foreign trade companies.

Relevant certificates for paper cutting machine

Participate in paper counting machine and Paper cutting machine exhibitions

Our paper counting equipment and Paper cutting machine is exported to the world

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