Can an ordinary paper cutting machine cut kraft paper

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Can an ordinary paper cutting machine cut kraft paper?

In the actual use of Paper cutting machine, professional Paper cutting machine have to face a variety of cutting objects. In addition to cutting paper and cutting cardboard, there are also cutting leather, plastic, cork flooring, PS plates, etc. Since there are many types of materials to be cut, different paper press pressures should be used accordingly for different materials, and the angle of the cutting blade should also be changed to ensure high-quality cutting products.

Kraft paper, with its tough and durable properties, is widely used in packaging, handicrafts, printing and other fields. And when we face such a powerful material, we naturally think of a question: Can an ordinary paper cutter meet this challenge and cut kraft paper smoothly?

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To answer this question, we first need to understand the working principle and performance of ordinary Automatic paper cutting machine

Ordinary paper cutters are usually designed to process common paper in daily offices. Their blade material, cutting force and mechanical structure are all based on ordinary paper. This type of paper cutter performs well and is highly efficient when processing light and thin paper such as standard A4 paper.

However, kraft paper is much thicker and stronger than regular paper, requiring higher pressure and sharper blades from cutting tools. When facing kraft paper, ordinary Automatic paper cutting machine may encounter problems such as the blade is not sharp enough and the cutting force is not strong enough, resulting in unsmooth cutting and even damage to the machine or blade.

Therefore, although in theory, ordinary Automatic paper cutting machine can try to cut kraft paper, from the perspective of practical operation and long-term use, this is not a wise choice. Frequent attempts may result in machine damage and the cutting results may not be satisfactory.

For users who need to frequently handle high-strength materials such as kraft paper, it is a wiser choice to choose a kraft paper cutting machine specially designed for such materials. Such machines are usually equipped with more powerful motors, sharper blades, and more reasonable mechanical structures to better cope with the cutting needs of high-strength materials. For example, the QZYK1370DW program-controlled paper cutting machine produced by Wandeli Company is suitable for cutting kraft paper. In order to better cut the related kraft paper, the technicians of Wandeli Company specially researched and developed a blade based on the characteristics of kraft paper, which is a good solution. The problem of insufficient cutting force when cutting kraft paper.

To sum up, although ordinary paper cutting machine can theoretically try to cut kraft paper, they may encounter many difficulties in actual operation due to their original design intentions and performance limitations. In order to ensure cutting results and machine life, it is crucial to choose a suitable paper cutter.

Below we recommend several paper cutters that can cut kraft paper for your reference.

At the same time, we show you a video of the professional paper cutter workflow.

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