Paper counting machine

Paper counting machine can count ordinary paper, WONDLY Machinery is a professional paper counting machine supplier



paper counting machine

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Printing Shops
Model:   WDL-1 paper counting machine
Factory: Rui'an Wondly Printing Machinery Co, Ltd   【Made in China】
Wondly Machinery  is the China professional manufacturer of Automatic paper counting machine
Our company the country passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality control system authentication in 2004, in 2007 through the CE authentication.


paper thickness range :           30~210g/m(Carbon paper,offset printing paper, coated paper,etc.)
paper size :                            Min.100X150mm、Max 600X600mm
paper stacking height:             300mm(Max)
Power Supply/voltage:             AC220±10V、50Hz
Motor:                                   0.4KW
Collecting table width:             600X600mm(可定制工作台)
Collecting table width height:   760mm
Machine size:                          900(W)X1080(L)X1500(H)
Machine weight:                      230kg
Label for paper in pile:             Width 6mm、Length 100m
Consumed power:                  600W

Fully automatic Paper counting machine OF Product description

1.The paper counting machine is a high-tech product we committed to develop,with superior performance,it has a 7-inch color screen computer and servo motor control.

2.Any kind and any thickness of paper can be precise and high-speed counting.Different kinds of paper can be mixed counting simultaneously.
3.The paper counting machine is rich in features to meet the needs of different users, in addition to the standard paper counting mode, there is the random paper label insert function,which can nark for different quantity of paper;The paper quantity detection function is for the check whether the predetermined number and actual number matches or not;The specified number counting function is for sorting out the required number of paper from the paper-pile
4.Auto-diagnostic function.The operator can know from a clear error message displays on the platform which shows whether the machine fault is caused by their own operating mistakes, or the machine itself abnormal operating conditions.

5、It has a paper label fast changing structure

The main application areas of paper counting machine :

Paper counting machine are mostly used in printing factories, schools, and industries, but other application areas also sometimes use paper counting machines.

Operation video of thick paper counting machine

Our Product
Paper counting machine , paper Sheets counter ,Label counter, Ticket counting machine, paper cutting machine  etc.

Product Application
Printing factory, packing factory, paper product factory, newspaper industry, stamp industry, examination paper, plastics industry, stationery, etc.

Production Equipment
Baoji Lathe 5, Hangzhou Drilling 3, Hangzhou Grinder 2, High-precision CNC Gantry Machining Center 2 sets, various types of small bench drills

Production Market

There are more than 50 agents in the country, and there are corresponding agents in Southeast Asian countries, and they establish cooperative relations with most domestic foreign trade companies.

Relevant certificates for paper counting machine

Participate in paper counting machine and Paper cutting machine exhibitions

Our paper counting equipment and Paper cutting machine is exported to the world

1、How is the paper counting machine classified by paper ?
Paper counting machines can be divided into thin paper counting machines and thick paper counting machines according to the type of paper >>

2、Precautions for Purchasing a Paper Counting Machine

In this article, we will explore some important precautions to keep in mind when purchasing a paper counting machine

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